Scott Brown on Tea Party Support: "I'm Very Thankful" (Video)

Popular Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) told Bob Schieffer that he was “very thankful” for the tea party support as well as all of the support from the independent and democratic voters in Massachusetts. The Republican Senator from Massachusetts also mentioned that he spoke at a couple of tea parties this past year. Brown says the president should start focusing on jobs, something that hasn’t happened since he joined the US Senate.

“Since I’ve been here they’ve done health care which they’ve obviously rammed through using a parliamentary procedure that has never been used for something this big, ever. The bill we’re finding out is flawed, seriously flawed that is going to cost medical device companies in my state thousands of jobs. We’re talking now about regulation reform. We’re politicizing that. I’ve heard illegal immigration is going to come forth… I’ve heard zero talk about jobs…

Scott Brown was outstanding on Face the Nation this morning in his first Sunday show interview since joining the US Senate.
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Scott Brown Face the Nation
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