Rosie O'Donnell: Catholic Church Is Like the Jonestown Cult (Audio)

This was disgusting…
Far Left Truther Rosie O’Donnell compared the Catholic Church to the the Jonestown suicide cult on her show yesterday.

Via The Radio Equalizer:

The Radio Equalizer posted the transcript:

O’DONNELL (42:39): If there was an organization, let’s just say the Boys’ Club [that] had the history of child abuse, child torture, and rape that the Catholic Church has, would you ever give money to the Boys’ Club or the Girls’ Club?

O’DONNELL (43:28): I’m saying that to support an organization where at the top of the infrastructure, are people willing to ignore the mass child abuse and torture and sexual molestation of its own constituents.

It’s almost like when you read about cults, Jonestown, all these cults [that] allow sexual perversity and sexual behavior.

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