Rep. Wasserman Schultz Lies to Town Hall Protesters Then Lectures Them When They Boo (Video)

Susan J. sent in this report from the Fort Lauderdale Tea Party Protest last night. Susan attended the SEIU-packed town hall with Rep. Debbie WassermanSchultz, one of the most partisan liberal hacks in Congress today.

Last night, I attended and took on Debbie Wasserman Schultz at her SEIU thug controlled townhall. She played a propaganda film with lying Dem talking points and filled the place early with 3/4 of the people to intimidate. She so-called meeting was tightly controlled. Outside there were 100’s of protesters….and thugs shoving tea party people. The police force was over the top.

I asked her to defend her party’s dirty deals and backroom deals….and then I asked her why she has been silent on Obama humiliating Israel’s P.M. at the W.H. She refused to answer the latter, and lied about the deals….saying there were NO DIRTY DEALS.

…She shouted to me to sit down….and I told her….“This
country is not CUBA yet
…and I am voter and have every right to talk and
ask questions.

Here is the video of Wasserman-Schultz being booed and then lecturing her constituents:

The Sun-Sentinel reported on Susan’s question and the confrontation at the astroturfed town hall:

One woman asked Wasserman Schultz to “defend the dirty deals on this health care deal.” Wasserman Schultz responded that “there certainly were no such dirty deals.”

When several in the audience booed, Wasserman Schultz asked the crowd to be respectful.

Mark Pilling of Cooper City yelled out: “You’re not being respectful to us when you lie to the American people.” Fort Lauderdale police officers ordered him to leave the room.

The overflow crowd outside listened on loudspeakers. When the back door was opened so a questioner could come in, people outside sometimes shouted “you lie” or “liar.”

Wasserman Shultz should be ashamed of herself for pushing such an obvious lie and then lecturing her constituents when they reacted to her arrogance.


CNN has more video from the Wasserman Schultz thugfest.

Wasserman Shultz staff told the CNN Political Tickerthat she was threatened before the event.

And here is more on the tea party protesters outside the event:

Susan added this, “I refused to be interviewed by CNN because I told the reporter they would not report accurately and that they were biased.”

More… Robert Lowry is challenging Wasserman Schultz this year. Here is his homepage.
He is Babalu-approved.

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