Pence Laughs Out Loud on House Floor: Dems Want You to Believe They're Cutting Taxes (Video)

Rep. Mike Pence (R-IN) got a good laugh today on the House Floor after Democrats tried to convince themselves that they had a good year of cutting taxes.

Rep Mike Pence(R-IN):

“I just happened to wonder Mr. speaker about the American people looking in this morning to hear Democrats saying they cut taxes more than any other congress in history, let me see if we can do this, they passed a budget with record taxes and spending, add a trillion dollars to the national debt in the next 10 years, they passed a national energy tax called the cap and trade that will cause utility rates to go up…

And we just passed Obamacare with $600 billion of tax increases, (laughs) and they’re standing in front of the American people on the day before tax day, on the day before 10’s of millions of Americans are gonna take to the streets and say enough is enough and expect you to believe they been cutting taxes I think the American people know better…Lets cut taxes across the board, get government out of the way, this economy will come roaring back”

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