Patriot Groups Will Kickoff National Arizona BUYcott at Winning Back America Conference

Sarah Palin, Fred and Jeri Thompson, Liz Cheney, and J.C. Watts in Kansas City This Saturday!
The Winning Back America Conference

What a terrific lineup…
Preserving American Liberty has announced Fred and Jeri Thompson, Liz Cheney and J.C. Watts will join Sarah Palin at the Independence Events Center, Saturday, May 1, 2010 for the Winning Back America Conference.

There are still tickets available at a reasonable price.
Follow this link to order your tickets.

American patriots will kickoff the National Arizona BUYcott at the conference this weekend.


Patriots Launch a National Campaign in Solidarity with Arizona Calling for a BUYcott of the Grand Canyon State

UPDATE: Buycott organizers will have an update Saturday, at the “Winning America Back” conference in Kansas City, MO – Featured speakers include Sarah Palin and Fred Thompson.

Dateline: Phoenix, AZ: While protestors have launched a sit in calling on the Governor to veto the bill launching the Country’s first major state enforcement efforts on illegal immigration, protesters like Al Sharpton are asking for a Boycott of the State.
In response, Patriot groups around the country want to support the rights of the people of Arizona and are calling for a BUYcott of the State.

The first BUYcott was in support of Whole Foods and was launched on September 1, 2009 by Tea Party leaders in St. Louis, Dallas, Austin, California, Philadelphia, New Jersey and more. The events drew serious national attention as one St. Louis store had BUYcott-attributable sales totaling over $50,000 in one night. Next, they BUYcotted Ford Motor Company, and Ford stocks have done well. Now conservatives around the country are standing up for Arizona.

Calls for the BUYcott began the moment the Arizona protesters called for a Boycott of Arizona, with conservative groups were saying, ‘let’s join forces and make our voices heard for Arizona!’ So that is exactly what they are all joining together to do.

Some Arizona business facts:

The state’s leading export category is computers and electronic products, which alone accounted for nearly one-third (31 percent), or $4.3 billion, of Arizona’s total merchandise exports in 2009. Other top manufactured exports that year were transportation equipment ($2.5 billion); machinery manufactures ($1.3 billion); and fabricated metal products ($954 million).

Source: Revised Origin of Movement State Export Series, Bureau of the Census, Foreign Trade Division.

Rasmussen reported that 60% of Americans support the new law in Arizona.

Groups and businesses listed below are asking that decision makers purchase exports coming out of Arizona, corporations plan their meetings there, and that families intentionally vacation there this summer when possible:
Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit
Tony Katz, The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular
Rose Corona, Ensuring Liberty Corp.
Gina Loudon, (
Doug Edelman (
Brian Bollman, Aflux, Inc.
Brooks Bayne, LA Tea Party
Dea Spencer, (
The Austin Tea Party Patriots
Bev Ehlen
Glenn Murphy, Shaden Shepherds, Inc.
Brian Gansereit,
Dana Loesch, (
The Future Speaks (
As A Mom, Missouri
Connecticut 2nd District Tea Party
Any Street ( Conservative Community Organizing
Ken Murer, Automotive Products Consultants
Nick Kasoff
Tea Party Youth (

…and the list is growing fast!

More than 70 cities are hosting rallies THIS WEEKEND!

“There are many ways for real people to support the BUYcott” said Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit. “If my family has a vacation this year, I am thinking the Grand Canyon, where I worked as a youth, might just be the perfect getaway. The national parks in Arizona are spectacular, too.”

“Tony Katz, host of The Tony Katz Radio Spectacular, has created the Buy Arizona! Initiative, and is offering free advertising on his daily radio show to support Arizona businesses.”

Brooks Bayne of the LA Tea Party said “no matter how you feel about the issue, it is ridiculous to punish business owners with a Boycott.” Naturally, there are already BUYcott efforts on Facebook (Arizona Buycott) and Twitter (@ArizonaBUYcott). Brian Gansereit has arranged for Arizona shoppers to have free shipping on his site and he hopes others will do the same.

“We see this as a statement about State’s rights, about freedom, and the right of people in one State to take action to protect their way of life as they see fit. We are proud to stand with Arizona and to support them with a BUYcott!”

Organizers are asking all participating patriot groups to email their receipts of Arizona expenditures to [email protected] so that we have quantitative data on our impact in this battle. There is also a Facebook Page and a twitter account @ArizonaBUYcott. Final note: The Motto of Arizona: is Ditat Deus; “God Enriches”.

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