President Obama: "Whether We Like It Or Not, We Remain a Dominant Military Superpower" (Video)

Yesterday, Dick Morris said, “We may have the first anti-American president we’ve ever had.”
He was being nice.

At his nuclear conference yesterday Barack Obama told Americans,

Whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower.”

Thanks for the pep talk, Barack.
Via Freedom’s Lighthouse:

He really believes America is the enemy.


Mere Rhetoric added:

On the plus side he might not have that problem much longer. In just the three weeks he’s alienated India, had an alliance-threatening spat with Karzai, shown “sneering contempt” for Britain, and – part and parcel of his disregard for Europe in general – is said to have built “a wall” between the US and Germany. And of course there’s there’s the whole Israel thing.

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