Oh Brother… Dem Rep Changes Story: I Didn't Hear "N*gger" I Heard "F*ggot"

Whatever he heard Rep. Heath Shuler swears it came from those foul-mouthed, church-going, tax-paying, US flag-toting tea party patriots who assembled in Washington DC to protest the Democrats takeover of the US health care industry.

Heath Shuler now says it wasn’t the n-word he heard, it was fagg*t.
Whatever, Heath.
Blue Ridge Now reported:

U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler is distancing himself from comments he made to the Times-News last month, stating he heard racial slurs yelled from a crowd of angry health care protesters outside the U.S. Capitol.

On March 20, black Democratic congressmen John Lewis, Andre Carson and Emanuel Cleaver said they heard the N-word as they walked to the Capitol to vote on health care. Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., who is gay, said anti-homosexual epithets were yelled at him.

At that time, Shuler told the Times-News he was walking toward the Capitol with Cleaver when protesters began yelling racial epithets at Cleaver.

On Wednesday, Shuler told The Associated Press that he heard slurs against Frank, but not Cleaver.

Oh brother.
Hat Tip Robert D.

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