Obama's Jewish Support Drops 36 Points Since 2008 Election

Do you remember when Jesse Jackson said that under Obama Jews would lose all of their clout?
He was right.

(Top left clockwise) Barack and Michelle Obama and radical Leftist anti-Israel Professor Edward Said at a May 1998 Arab community event in Chicago at which Edward Said gave the keynote speech. (Bill Baar’s West Side), Former PLO operative and close friend of the Obama’s Rashid Khalidi, Barack Obama and his racist minister Jeremiah Wright, and close terrorist friend William Ayers.

In an unprecedented move, the Obama administration announced last week that support of Israel will be “balanced against other US interests.”

It looks like his contempt for Israel is finally shaking up the political landscape.
Barack Obama just lost his Jewish support. Only 42% of Jewish voters today say they would re-elect him.
McLaughlin Online reported:

According to the 2008 exit polls, Barack Obama won 78% to 21% among Jewish voters. Now, in the second year of Obama’s presidency, only 42% of voters would re-elect him, while the plurality (46%) would consider voting for someone else.

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