Obama Praises Coal Industry at Miners Memorial But Just Days Earlier Imposed New Rules That Will Cost Coal Mining Companies Hundreds of Jobs

On Sunday April 25, 2010, President Barack Obama praised the coal industry during the memorial service in West Virginia for the 29 miners who perished in the nation’s worst mining disaster in 25 years earlier this month.

“Five miles into a mountain. The only light, the lamp on their caps. Day after day they would burrow into the coal. The fruits of their labor that so often we take for granted. The electricity that lights up a convention center; that lights up our church or our home our school our office. The energy that powers our country. The energy that powers the world.

President Obama praised the coal industry at the miner memorial service.

But, the president forgot to mention a thing or two.
Less than one month ago his adminstration enforced new rules that will cost the mining companies hundreds of jobs. His administration has even been coordinating protests against the coal mining industry from the White House.
The Prowler reported:

The White House and some Obama Administration staffers at the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency have been coordinating with left-wing environmental groups to launch protests in West Virginia over such techniques as “mountaintop removal mining.” This enabled the EPA to cite such protests as support for their new rulemaking. Earlier this month, the agency imposed rules sharply curtailing that form of strip mining in such states as West Virginia. The rules may end up costing several hundred West Virginians their jobs.

Now the Obama Administration is looking for ways to reward those groups they coordinated with. According to sources inside the EPA, the agency is attempting to find ways to get funding to several organizations it worked with on the mountaintop mining and other efforts, including Appalachian Voices and Coal River Mountain Watch. Meanwhile, the administration is attempting to identify ways to fund a much more influential “pass through” organization, the Appalachian Community Fund, an organization run out of Knoxville, Tennessee.

“Appalachian Community Fund is like the ACORN of West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee,” says a Commerce Department political employee. “If we can get it just a few hundred thousand dollars, it can organize for us down there in ways to help us politically, and it’s done great things for us with the EPA and other entities.”

He is shameless.

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