Mississippi White Supremist Lawyer Found Stabbed, Beaten & Burned; Black Neighbors Arrested (Video)

Richard Barrett, a Mississippi white supremist lawyer, was found stabbed 35 times, beaten and burned this week.
His black neighbors confessed to the crime.
WLBT reported:

The white supremist lawyer was found stabbed, beaten and burned.
Thaindian News reported:

Richard Barrett who was a white supremacist lawyer has been found dead in his Mississippi house. The authorities were shocked to see that he had been stabbed and beaten. His body was also set on fire. The police authorities also said that one of the neighbor’s of Richard Barrett has been charged with the murder case.

The body of the slain lawyer was discovered, when concerned neighbors reported to the police that smoke was coming out from his house, which is located in a very rural area just outside the limits of Jackson. The police responded to the call, and found the brutally murdered body of Richard. The Rankin County Sheriff Ronnie Pennington said that one of his neighbor’s – 22 year old Vincent McGee has been arrested in this case, and also charged with murder. He also added that the matter is under investigation and they could add some more charges, like arson. He also revealed that Vincent had not hired a lawyer till now.

22-year-old Vincent McGee, in his confession, alleged Barrett made sexual advances to him, apparently sending McGee into a rage, a rage that ended in murder.

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