Wow — Republican Charles Djou Takes Lead in Hawaii Rep Race

Don’t look now, but Republican Charles Djou just pulled ahead in Hawaii!

Republican Charles Djou has climbed 15 points in the polls since January and is now ahead in the deep blue state!
This would (will) be another major upset.

Wow! The latest poll has popular Republican Charles Djou ahead in the Hawaii special congressional election.
Daily Kos reported:

The May 22 special election is a “jungle primary”, which means that all candidates run on the same ballot line. Thus, Djou may very well win this special by getting barely 30 percent of the vote.

Whoever wins this election will still face reelection in November, so even if Djou wins this overwhelmingly Democratic district, he’d be renting the seat for a few months at best. Republicans want to win this for propaganda purposes, not because it necessarily gets them closer to a majority.

Lieberdem Case’s favorability ratings lead the field, at 47/25/28 (Favorable/Unfavorable/No Opinion). Djou clocks in at 40/27/33, while Hanabusa lags the field at 37/31/32. Hanabusa likely suffers from being seen as the establishment candidate in an anti-establishment year.

This also could not be better timing with the recent launch of, an effort to raise $100,000 for this race ahead of April 21.


UPDATE: Another poll has Djou tied for the lead.
KITV reported:

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