Midwest Tea Party Patriots Plan Roadtrip to Protest Obama in Quincy

St. Louis Tea Party patriots are rolling to Quincy, Illinois on Wednesday to welcome President Barack Obama back to the Midwest. The unpopular far left president planned the trip after Rep. Hare ran into some trouble at a recent town hall. Rep. Hare told his constituents something they already knew but were shocked to hear Hare admit in public– That he doesn’t follow the US Constitution.
Quincy News has this update on the Wednesday protests:

Steve McQueen of the Quincy Tea Party said it didn’t take long to decide if the group would have a presence when President Barack Obama comes to Quincy this week.

“As soon as people learned about the visit on QuincyNews.org, my e-mail blew up and my phone didn’t stop ringing,” McQueen said. “I’ve had people from Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee asking ‘What are you doing? When do we need to be there?”

The Tea Party will host its own “Maine Street to the White House” event at the Quincy Holiday Inn on Wednesday at 6 p.m. It appears President Obama will be leaving Quincy about 5:30 p.m. Wednesday after holding a town hall event somewhere in the city. That location has not yet been released to the public, although officials at the Oakley-Lindsay Center have been contacted about a possible event at that venue.

McQueen said Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa) will speak to the group via Skype and he hopes to announce other speakers over the next two days. Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Andrzejewski will appear at the Wednesday evening event.

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