Media Smears Scott Brown and the Boston Tea Party Patriots

What a shock.
The state-run media today reported that Senator Scott Brown “Snubs Sarah Palin, Bags Tea Party” and would not attend the tea party rally in Boston on Wednesday.
Well, once again the democratic-media complex was not being completely honest. Popular Senator Scott Brown was on with Howie Carr today and told him the rest of the story.

Scott Brown receives 300-400 invitations to speak at events, rallies and protests each week.

Sen. Scott Brown, R-Mass. poses on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, March 24, 2010. (AP/Harry Hamburg)

Craig sent this in:



Scott Brown was on Howie Carr’s radio show in Boston this afternoon and Howie asked him about why he isn’t attending the rally. Brown just got back from a trip to Afghanistan which I believe was 3 weeks, and he just found out about the rally the other day and he just has too much going on. He mentioned that he missed his daughter Ayla’s last basketball game at Boston College because of the trip and his hectic schedule. Ayla is a senior this year so that was the last game of her career. He did mention he’ll be at the upcoming Massachusetts State Republican Convention (I think this weekend).

Scott has really been very good at reaching out to the people who supported him. He went on all the radio shows after his election and went around the state for 4 or 5 days meeting with his supporters and the general public.

In the interview today, he mentioned that since his election he has received 3900 invitations for rallies or to speak to a group, etc. He said it still averages 300 to 400 per week. He is still hiring staff for his office too.


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