Liz Cheney: "In Age of Obama" It Is "More Dangerous to Be America's Friend Than Our Enemy" (Video)

Liz Cheneny told the audience at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference that in the “Age of Obama,” it is “more dangerous to be America’s friend than our enemy.”
Video via Freedom’s Lighthouse:

Sad, but true.

Liz Cheney added:

“The world is safer when their is no daylight between the United States and the State of Israel… And, President Obama is playing a reckless game if he continues down the path of diminishing America’s ties to Israel…

You know, I used to work on the Middle East and there’s a saying in the Arab World that it is more dangerous to be America’s friend than it is to be our enemy. And I fear very much that in the Age of Obama this is proving to be true. “

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