Leftist Media Continues Their Tea Party Smear Campaign

The democratic-media complex continued their attacks on the tea party protesters today.

They are working feverishly to smear this group of millions of concerned citizens that includes Republicans, democrats and independents as a bunch of violent racist hillbilly kooks. Instead of reporting the truth — that these protesters stand for fiscal conservatism and limited government — they are determined to smear this group as a bunch of gun-toting racists and militiamen.

Today Yahoo has this headline about the tea party protesters:
“Tea party members envision state militia”

Notice that Yahoo and the AP include the word “militia” in their headline just days after a group of (democrat) militiamen accused of wanting to overthrow the governement were arrested in Michigan and Ohio.


Many of the tea party protesters support the 2nd Amendent but that does not mean that the tea party movement’s goal is to form militias to help police their turf. Unfortunately, that is what the state-run media wants you to believe. They will stop at nothing to destroy this group of activists who stand in their way of transforming America into some kind of quasi-socialist state.

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