Leftist Judge Rules National Day of Prayer Is Unconstitutional

The commie left was at it again yesterday…

Barbara Brandriff Crabb has been a federal district court judge in the United States District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin since Jimmy Carter nominated her in 1979.

A Wisconsin federal judge ruled that the National Day of Prayer was unconstitutional on Thursday.
CNS News reported:

Conservative legal experts say a federal district judge in Wisconsin had no legal basis for declaring the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional – and predict the decision cannot stand.

“If the National Day of Prayer is unconstitutional, then the Constitution itself if unconstitutional,” Mathew Staver, president of Liberty Counsel and dean of the Liberty University School of Law in Lynchburg, Va., told CNSNews.com.

“The National Day of Prayer – or prayer itself – is older than the Constitution,” Staver said. “There is no question it will be overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.”

In a decision released Thursday, U.S. District Judge Barbara B. Crabb in Madison,Wis., declared unconstitutional a 1988 federal law giving the president the authority to designate the first Thursday in May as the National Day of Prayer.

They will not be content until Christianity is erased from society.


Bad to the Bohn has more on the National Day of Prayer.

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