Leftist Fruitcup Deepak Chopra Knows What Caused Baja Quake… His Powerful Meditation

Leftist fruitcup Deepak Chopra knows what caused the Baja earthquake on Sunday…
His powerful meditation.

Remind me not to mess with this guy.
AOL News reported:

The U.S. Geological Survey is blaming day-to-day seismological changes for Sunday’s 7.2 earthquake along the U.S.-Mexico border. But Deepak Chopra, the famed alternative-medicine practitioner and transcendental meditation guru, is pretty sure he knows what really happened.

“Had a powerful meditation just now — caused an earthquake in Southern California,” Chopra wrote to his nearly 179,000 Twitter followers shortly after the quake.

And then, to clarify: “Was meditating on Shiva mantra & earth began to shake,” he tweeted. “Sorry about that.”

Chopra might want to apologize directly to those in California, who haven’t suffered significant infrastructure damage but are still bracing for more temblors, and to those in Mexico, where two are dead, hundreds are injured and thousands are still without power.

Maybe this is progress?…
Last time he was pointing fingers he blamed the US for the Mumbai terror attacks.

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