Krauthammer Mocks Obama's 17 Minute Town Hall Jibber-Jabber: "It's Only 9 Times Longer Than Gettysburg Address" (Video)

Charles Krauthammer mocked President Obama on Special Report for his 17 minute answer to a tax question at a town hall event last week…
“It’s only nine times longer than the Gettysburg Address.”

Charles Krauthammer on the president’s jibber-jabbering:

“I don’t know why your surprised. It’s only nine times longer than the Gettysburg Address. And, after all Lincoln was answering an easier question on the higher purpose of the union and soldiers that fall in battle. Look the president had an easy answer. He could have said, “Hey I wanted to make history with health care and to do it and to make the CBO numbers look OK I had to raise your taxes. Sure it’s not a good time economically in the middle of a recession but politically I had to because I have a window a majority in Congress and I’m going to lose in November.” End of answer.”

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