Hanoi Jane on Sarah Palin's Popularity: "It Worries Me"

Commie leftist Jane Fonda blames the right wing for her treasonous stunts during the Vietnam War.

The American traitor just wants everybody to move on already.

Fonda also took a crack at Sarah Palin this week.
FOX Nation posted the transcript from her Larry King interview:

KING: What do you think of Sarah Palin? There was a little quick move. You went from crisis to huge crisis.

FONDA: You betcha!

KING: What do you think?

FONDA: You betcha. I think she could have a television show maybe.

KING: She’s got one.

FONDA: But she should not be a politician, in my opinion.

KING: What do you make of the feelings about her? What do you make of – I don’t even to have ask you the question – Sarah Palin. What do you make of the story?


KING: Sad?

FONDA: Well, I think it’s sad when someone says I’m going to run for office and they can’t answer basic questions, you know, about the world, about what they read, about history, things like that. I mean, I think we should take our political, our political world, life, members who aspire to be elected officials more seriously, you know, they have to be grounded in some kind of reality.

KING: How do you account for her popularity?

FONDA: Well, I , I don’t know. It worries me, frankly.

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