Grand Jury Probes Rep. Meek's Shady House Deal & Connections to Bogus Charity

Another day… Another democrat is investigated on corruption charges.

A federal grand jury is investigating Democrat Gregory Meeks for his involvement with a charity that raised money for Hurricane Katrina victims who never received a dime. Meeks is also being investigated for a shady house deal.
The National Legal and Policy Center reported:

According to the New York Daily News today, a federal grand jury is investigating some of Queens’ most prominent politicians, including Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY). NLPC first exposed Meeks’ involvement with a charity called New Direction that raised money for Hurricane Katrina victims who never received it. NLPC also first exposed Meeks’ purchase of a home for far less than it is worth.

In a Complaint to the House Ethics Committee filed on March 19, NLPC asked for an investigation of Meeks’ purchase of the house. The Complaint detailed how a contractor named Robert Gaskin not only built the home for Meeks, but also did work for several other Queens politicians and nonprofits they control. At the same time, Gaskin received numerous contracts on taxpayer-funded projects.

In response to this news local black community organizers are holding a protest against the media on April 15th.
The Queens Chronicle reported:

In response to months of reporting on politically connected charities that have no records of giving to the needy, the nullified selection of the Rev. Floyd Flake’s Aqueduct Entertainment Group to redevelop the Ozone Park race track and questions about the ethics of Gov. David Paterson, Rep. Gregory Meeks and state Sen. Malcolm Smith on various issues, the residents of southeastern Queens are striking back.

Charging that stories probing the alleged scandals are driven by bias, activists are holding what they bill as a “rally against racist journalism” and in support of area leaders in two weeks.

Many supporters of Meeks, Paterson, Flake, Smith and other black officials whose activities are under press scrutiny and official investigation see the inquiries as racially motivated.

“The black community must respond to the unfair, unrelenting, one-sided, savage attack on black economic advancement and the leadership that promotes it,” reads a flier promoting the rally, to be held at the Springfield Gardens Educational Complex at 6:30 p.m. April 15. “These attacks are based on rumors and innuendos and the need to keep black folks ‘in their place.’

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