Dick Morris Bombshell: Reno Told Clinton She Stays On or She Blows Whistle on Waco (Video)

During a discussion on The Sean Hannity Show on the anniversary of the Waco Disaster, Dick Morris clamied that Janet Reno told Bill Clinton that either she stayed on as Attorney General or “she’d drop the bomb on Waco.”

Bill Clinton was in the news yesterday for attempting to link the Tea Party movement to terrorist attacks. Clinton blamed conservative talk radio hosts like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, etc. for causing Timonthy McVeigh to bomb the Oklahomea Federal building.

Dick Morris suggested that Janet Reno threatened to leak the goods on Waco unless Bill Clinton kept her on for a second term. Morris tild Sean Hannity that this was the first time that he had divulged this information.
Via Free Republic:

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