Comedienne Says Sarah Palin Should Pose For Playboy – Larry King Agrees

Larry King interviewed comedienne Sarah Silverman on Tuesday’s “Larry King Live” program. King brought up the left’s favorite target Sarah Palin and asked Silverman whether the former Alaska governor should pose for Playboy. (Has he ever asked this about Michelle Obama or Hillary Clinton?)
Silverman said Palin should pose and amazingly… King agreed!
NewsBusters reported:

Here’s the transcript:

LARRY KING: We can’t leave without asking you, my producers say I must ask you. Sarah Palin, what do you think? Sarah Palin? I got to say her name because we have to say it every night.

Sarah Palin. What do you say?

SARAH SILVERMAN: Oh, about what? Her posing in “Playboy”? I think she should go for it.


KING: Agreed. Thank you, Sarah.

SILVERMAN: Thank you.

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