Change! Iranian Regime Wants Obama Tried By International Tribunal

Hojjatoleslam Mir Tajeddini wants Obama tried by international tribunal for threatening Iran.

A top Iranian regime offiicial blasted Barack Obama today for his threatening comments about a nuclear attack on Iran. Vice-President for Parliamentary Affairs, Hojjatoleslam Mir Tajeddini, told reporters that Obama should be tried in an international tribunal.
Fars News reported:

A senior Iranian official on Monday blasted US President Barack Obama for his recent threat of a nuclear attack against Iran, urging that Obama should be tried in a tribunal for uttering “criminal” statements against Tehran.

“Obama has uttered dangerous remarks and sanctioned atomic attack and nuclear bombardment of two states of the world, these remarks that authorize atomic attacks against certain countries are criminal (remarks) from the legal point of view,” Vice-President for Parliamentary Affairs Hojjatoleslam Mir Tajeddini said.

He called on international legal experts to try Barack Obama for taking such stances as his remarks are indeed interpreted as an authorization of atomic attacks against Iran and North Korea.

Reminding the rules and regulations of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Mir Tajeddini said, “No country is authorized to use nuclear weapons even under the pretext of deterring a war or its continuation.”

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