Black Caucus Members Stand By Assertion That They Were Called the N-Word 15 Times By Tea Party Prostesters

The democratic-media complex continues to stand by their assertion that Black Caucus members were spit on and called the n-word 15 times by tea party protesters even though numerous videos prove they are not telling the truth. Several people filmed the entire episode and could not find any evidence of racist hate.
Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-IL) even filmed the entire episode.

He found nothing.
What awful people.

Black Caucus member Rep. Andre Carson still insists he was called the n-word 15 times but refuses to be interviewed. He says he “doesn’t want to fan the flames.”
Yeah right.
The Washington Post reported:

Roxana Tiron, a reporter for the Hill newspaper, said she was talking with a congressional staffer inside a House entrance to the Capitol when a “trembling” and “agitated” Carson said he and Lewis had just been called the N-word by protesters outside. “He literally grabbed me by the arm and . . . said ‘You need to come out with me,’ ” imploring her to step back outside to listen to the taunts. Post reporter Paul Kane was nearby and witnessed Carson’s reaction. “It was real. It was raw. It was angry. It was emotional. And he wanted it documented,” recalled Kane, who said U.S. Capitol Police prevented them from going outside. Carson later told the Associated Press the protesters had chanted the N-word “15 times.” Breitbart told me the “phantom 15 words” is “beyond absurd.”

Through spokesman Justin Ohlemiller, Carson stands by his assertion. The spokeswoman for Lewis, Brenda Jones, insists he and his chief of staff heard repeated uses of the N-word. They are declining interviews, she said, because they don’t want to “fan the flames of destructive language.”

Breitbart’s $100,000 challenge may be publicity-seeking theater. But it’s part of widespread conservative claims that mainstream media, including The Post, swallowed a huge fabrication. The incidents are weeks old, but it’s worth assigning Post reporters to find the truth. After all, a civil rights legend is being called a liar. That aside, there’s serious money at stake.

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