Ann Coulter on Michael Steele: He is Being Held to a Different Standard By Democrats Because of his Skin Color (Video)

That about says it…
Ann Coulter gets to the bottom of The Voyeur Club non-scandal.
Via HotAirPundit:

Ann Coulter on Michael Steele:

“I love him, I love him so much, and the reason he’s being attacked for all these silly things is because he so effective, he attacked for the same things Rush Limbaugh is, Ronald Reagan was, I am, Sarah Palin is, is because he’s so great, he is being held to a different standard because of his skin color, but not by Americans and not by Republicans, he’s being held to a different standard by Democrats because they’re trying to trick stupid Republicans into dumping the first black head of the RNC who is doing a magnificent job…

This was an utterly unfair attack. This tacky club out in LA. Not only was he not there he was on a plane at the time. Even if he looked at the receipts coming into the RNC, and he doesn’t some accountant does, how’s the accountant going to know what the Voyeur Club is?… And, to even to make an issue of this when the former co-chair of the DNC had a major fundraiser gala at the Democratic National Convention in 2000 at the Playboy Mansion… These are democratic representatives who actually went to a Playboy events and they’re trying to act like Michael Steele some low level person who’s been fired since then is a totally fake issue because he’s effective.”

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