Anatomy of a Smear: Reconstructing the Black Caucus Tea Party Racist Hit Piece

On the afternoon of March 20th, members of the Black Caucus, the democratic party and state-run media collaborated on a fabricated story line to smear Capitol Hill tea party protesters as racists.

Rep. Jesse Jackson (D-IL) filmed the entire episode but found nothing.

Despite the fact that this fabricated story made headlines across the country, there has never been any proof that the reported incidents took place. There is currently a $100,000 reward offered to any of the members of the democratic-media complex to show proof that this racist incident actually occurred.

Dan Friedman writes:


Scary stuff, but gird yourself and read Doug Ross who’s meticulously detailed the Anatomy of a Tea Party Smear by the Democrat-Media Complex. In the process, he’s also exposed the ugly fact that discrediting Obama’s opposition with fabricated slander is now a tactic embraced by his supporters and his party. Where that will lead, nobody knows. But we’ll probably find out before the November election.

It’s time for the Black Caucus members and state-run media to apologize for slandering the tea party protesters.

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