Amazing- 115 Trapped Miners Rescued in China (Video)

A miracle!… 115 miners were rescued in China today after being trapped underground for more than a week.

The miners reportedly ate sawdust to survive.
ABC reported:

More than 100 miners who survived eight days in a flooded shaft by hanging by their belts and eating sawdust were brought to the surface today in what one Chinese official called a “miracle.”

China’s state-run television showed live images of the rescuers in tears, cheering and hugging each other as the survivors were brought out one by one in stretchers, wrapped in blankets and loaded into waiting ambulances.

“It is a miracle in China’s mining rescue history,” said Luo Lin, who heads the government agency in charge of work safety.


The leader of a rescue team, Chen Yongsheng, told state media the rescuers still have to reach two or three underground mine platforms to search for the remaining 38 miners.

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