Alan Grayson Wins Muzzie For Latest Attempt to Quash Free Speech

Rep. Alan Grayson won the latest “Muzzle Award” for his attempts to jail his critics at “My Congressman Is Nuts”.

The popular democrat asked Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate and jail his critics for 5 years for producing a website that parodied his campaign site.
FOX News reported:

Outspoken Florida Rep. Alan Grayson topped the “Muzzle” awards on Tuesday, earning the dubious distinction for asking Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate a Web site that parodied his campaign site.

The annual award list, created by the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression, is presented on April 13, Jefferson’s birthday, to remind people of the third president’s unavowed commitment to free speech.

The center says the awards are handed out for “some of the more egregious or ridiculous affronts to the First Amendment right of free speech.”


Topping the meter was Grayson’s effort to seek a monetary fine and five-year prison sentence against a group of Orlando-area Republican activists led by Angie Langley, who launched the Web site “,” a parody of Grayson’s official Web site “

Grayson wrote a complaint to Holder in December alleging that the Web site violated federal law because Langley is not actually a constituent of his and the site targets him solely, even though it claims to oppose or endorse several candidates.

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