A Thousand Rain-Soaked Patriots Welcome the Tea Party Express to St. Louis

Nearly a thousand tea party patriots greeted the Tea Party Express to St. Louis today.

The crew with the Tea Party Express put on a terrific show for conservative crowd.

The express rolled into Frontier Park in St. Charles, just west of St. Louis at 3:00 PM.

A spring shower soaked the local protesters before the Tea Party Express arrived. Then it heated up to 80 degrees. But, the tea party protesters were fired up anyway.

Kevin Jackson, blogger at The Black Sphere and author of The Big Black Lie traveled with the bus in Arkansas and Missouri before reaching St. Louis.

Local tea party patriot Stephanie Rubach brought her family to this rally.

Kevin Jackson excited the crowd before the express arrived.

Gold Star mother Debbie Lee, the founder of America’s Mighty Warriors, spoke to the crowd. She is traveling with the Tea Party Express.

The Tea Party Express took off to Springfield, Illinois for a rally later tonight.

Michael Williams has more photos from the rally today.

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