70% of Arizona Voters Support Immigration Bill… Only 23% Agree With Obama

70% of likely Arizona voters agree with the new immigration bill that was signed into law today.
Only 23% of likely voters in Arizona agree with Barack Obama and oppose the bill.
So, who’s the misguided one?
NumbersUSA reported:

A new Rasmussen poll reveals that 70% of likely voters in Arizona support the new illegal immigration bill passed by the State Legislature. Only 23% oppose the bill. If signed into law, the bill would make it a crime to be in the state of Arizona illegally.

A majority of Arizona likely voters (53%), however, did express concern about if the bill will cause racial profiling. Forty-six percent expressed no concern.

The poll also asked likely voters how immigration will impact their decision at the polls, and 83% of Arizona residents said a candidate’s position on immigration issues is important. Seventy-three percent of respondents also said that it’s more important that Congress secure the border than offer an amnesty for the nation’s 12 million illegal aliens.

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