1,100 Turn Out to Protest Obama in Macon, Missouri… A Town of 5,500

1,100 Patriots Protest Obama Out in the Missouri Sticks

They called it a Freedom Rally.

(Jonathon Prouty)

Wow!… More than 1,100 patriots turned out to protest Barack Obama today in Macon, Missouri a town of 5,500.

1,100 protesters joined the Macon County Patriots tonight at Leo O’Laughlin Inc. (AP)


More than 1,100 tea party patriots and concerned Missourians rallied for freedom in Macon on Tuesday—just down the road from the site of President Barack Obama’s visit.

Several special guests addressed the Stand Up Missouri Rally, including Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer, Congressman Roy Blunt, Carl Bearden, state director of Americans for Prosperity-Missouri, former State Sen. John Loudon, and conservative activist Paul Curtman.

“Our common concern is that the country is literally being bankrupted by foolish ideas,” said Cindy O’Laughlin, an organizer of the rally. “Tonight, people from all around Missouri have spoken—and we are upset with the direction of this county! More than 1,100 people made our voices heard loud and clear, and Barack Obama can certainly hear us now!”

It was a lovely evening for a Missouri freedom rally. (Jonathon Prouty)

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