Useful Idiot Geraldo Rivera Is Giddy After Dems Vote to Nationalize Health Care (Video)

Thanks FOX.
To add insult to injury FOX News put on a giddy Geraldo Rivera after democrats voted to nationalize the nation’s health care industry. Nothing like rubbing salt in our wounds, FOX.

Remember as you watch this that this is the supposed conservative channel:

Useful Idiot Geraldo Rivera:

“Thanks Bret. Don’t go away for a second. I think that listening to his soaring words, rhetorical flourishes though they may be, isn’t there a possibility that some of the commentators tonight are way too gloomy? That maybe we have turned the corner in an unsupportable, untenetable system? Maybe by doing something revolutionary like Social Security, like Medicaid, that we have, that this president has, that this Congress has finally taken a step to fix something that we have been complaining so bitterly about?”

For the record, the Majority Leader Harry Reid spent $1.2 billion of taxpayer money to buy off and bribe democrats for their vote on this Obamacare bill in December. The bribes and kickbacks are still in the bill.


This was never about health care, Geraldo.

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