Unreal… Coward Russ Carnahan Is Raising Money Off of Faked Coffin Story

On Sunday members of the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition held a prayer vigil for the victims of Obamacare at Rep. Russ Carnahan‘s office and later outside his home in St. Louis. We brought a coffin with us to represent the millions of Americans who will suffer from inadequate treatment and perish under Obamacare. We also prayed for Russ Carnahan and Democrats for bringing more suffering and pain on the American people.

The prayer vigil at Carnahan’s office was covered by the local media. (KSDK Photo)

On Wednesday the Carnahan people and Democratic-media complex twisted the story of this innocent prayer vigil into some kind of threat against Russ Carnahan. The Carnahan camp said the coffin was dumped on his lawn overnight and was a threat against his life.

This was completely untrue. It was such a huge lie that The Politico had to correct their bogus story and the far left Democratic Underground retracted the story completely.


But, that didn’t stop liar Russ Carnahan from trying to raise money off of it.
Josie Wales at Pajamas Media reported:

An email arrived in my inbox this afternoon from Missouri Secretary of State Robin Carnahan’s baby-brother, Congressman Russ Carnahan (D-Missouri).  In this email, Carnahan pledges to not be intimidated by Coffingate, and then asks me for money.  This email may be the most despicable yet of the campaign season.  After a brutal 48 hours of press retractions about an incident regarding a coffin placed near his house, Carnahan is attempting to hustle money for intimidation that did not occur.


Carnahan provides a link to a piece in Politico – the very piece that was suggested to Politico reporter Jake Sherman by a Carnahan spokesperson, (and subsequently corrected).  Here is some text from his email.

They’ve tried every dirty trick in the book to block critical reforms that will stop insurance companies from rejecting children with preexisting conditions or denying care to those who are sick. Try as they may, we will not be intimidated.
Help me send a message that threats and extreme tactics will not work. Please contribute $100, $50 or even $25 right now to help me fight back against those who will stop at nothing to block health care reform for Missouri families….

It must be hard to get good help these days.  At the center of the controversy is Sara Howard, Congressman Carnahan’s spokesperson for his re-election campaign.  Howard comes from SEIU, where she spent a number of years learning the ins and outs of labor-press relations.

There’s more on Carnahan’s SEIU helper Sarah Howard at Big Government.

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