The 12th Imam Presents Himself During Friday Sermon in Iran; Is Arrested By Regime

The 12th Imam: Muhammad al-Mahdi, presented himself during Friday Sermon in Iran; is arrested.
Planet Iran reported:

Given that Ahmadinejad and his spiritual mentors Ayatollah Messbah Yazdi and company believe in the coming of their version of the Messiah, or as they call it the Mahdi, 12th Imam or Saaheb o’Zaman (the owner of all time). Over the last few years however individuals claiming to be the Mahdi are popping up all over the place. On Friday during the local Friday sermon, in the southern Iranian city of Bandar Abbass, a young man presented himself as the Mahdi and claimed to have been sent by God to bring enlightenment and blessings to people. Soon after this however he was arrested by agents of the revolutionary guards.

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