Tea Party Doctor: "I Can Save More Killing This Bill Than By Practicing Medicine"

Approximately 200 members of the Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition met for a rally adjacent to Horton Plaza today — receiving much support, honks, and interest during the 10 am to noon event.

Dr. Brian passing out Blue Dog Dem Phone Numbers.

Temple of Mut reported: The title came from my chat with a San Diego doctor, Brian K. He was passing out a list of phone numbers of persuadable blue-dog Democrats, urging our activists to call on cell phones as we were standing holding signs; two protests for the price of one. I like the idea so much, that I am going to use it for our next events (and, yes, there will be more rallies). He noted: “We have to get people to know that private insurance is going to go out of business, and when it goes bankrupt, the government will take it over through bailout — leading, ultimately, to rationed care.”

There is also a photo of a group of US Marines who stopped by to show their support at the link.

Left Coast Rebel has photos from the San Diego rally.

Related… P/Oed Patriot has more photos from today’s rally in St. Louis. Sharp Elbows has video.

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