St. Louis Tea Party Coalition Ups the Ante to Match Radicals In Washington …Update: Rally Tomorrow At Russ Carnahan's Office

The Radicals in Washington are using unprecendented tactics to force their socialist agenda on the American public. Today the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition will announce new tactics to defeat these radicals who are set on destroying our nation, economy, security, alliances and freedoms.

For those of you who can make it to the rally in Washington DC tomorrow we encourage you to make the sacrifice. There are vans heading to Washington D.C. in the next 24 hours from St. Louis in response to Congresswoman Michele Bachmann’s emergency plea for opposition to Obamacare. Contact I Heard the People Say for information.

(Keyboard Militia)
We will protest tomorrow here in St. Louis.
More information will be posted here later today.

The St. Louis Tea Party Coalition released this statement earlier this morning:


If Congress continues on its present course – to inflict socialized medicine on America by decree – the reaction from the people will be something that we have never seen before.

If this law passes, wheels will turn that will be difficult to stop. Consolidation among insurance companies, who have already shown remarkable cowardice, will result in only a few huge insurers. Similar consolidation will occur in hospital companies and pharmaceuticals. These huge companies will then beg government to absorb them like General Motors. The government will comply and give any remaining competitors the Toyota treatment.

So let’s do this (the weekend part):

* Plan on protesting on Saturday. Location to be determined.

* Plan on getting a List of Leaners on whom we will focus our letters, calls, and FedEx packages (for Saturday delivery)

* Plan on giving a primary pass to any Democrat who votes NO on this bill

* Plan on hosting a watch party on Sunday, all day, praying that Pelosi does not get the votes

But if this bill passes, all bets are off. Every aspect of the government in Washington is fair game.

Check back later today for more information on tomorrow’s protest.

Dana Loesch has more on “Dem Rescue.”

UPDATE: The Potomac Tea Party Report sent out a heads up that Marxist anti-war demonstrators will also be protesting in Washington DC tomorrow so be safe.

UPDATE: San Diego Patriots will also hold a protest tomorrow.

UPDATE: St Louis Patriots Will Meet at Russ Carnahan’s Office tomorrow at 11:00 AM CST.
His office is located at 8764 Manchester Road
St Louis, MO 63144

This rally will coincide with the Taxpayer March on Washington tomorrow at noon EST.

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