Speaker Pelosi: It Is With Great Humility That We Will Make History Tonight …Update: Voting Begins

Speaker Pelosi is now addressing the House of Representatives.

This socialist has the gall the quote the Declaration of Independence. She says the bill honors the nation’s traditions.
“We would not be here without the vision of Barack Obama.”

Imagine…. Where people can follow their passions or talent without having to worry that their children will have insurance. (She’s a socialist.)


The best action we can take to improve Medicare is to pass health care reform. The best action we can take to ignite innovation is to pass health care reform.

We will save the taxpayer $1.3 Trillion dollars. (Liar)

Speaker Pelosi, “All politics is personal.” … Would someone please explain how what we ever did to deserve a San Francisco socialist as Speaker of the House?

Pelosi: “Health care is a right and not a privelege!”

Pelosi: I urge my colleagues to vote for this to “restore the American dream.”

** Voting Begins

By the Way, America… This is even worse than you’re thinking.

John Hinderaker is upset but optimistic.

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