Scott Brown on Obama's Health Care Plan: The People Don't Want This Political Chicanery (Video)

Scott Brown tells Obama, “Enough is enough!” and challenges the president and democrats to start over on their unpopular nationalized health care bill.
Via BreitbartTV:

Larry Kudlow: Well, Mr. Obama expressly said in his speech today that he wasn’t going to start from scratch. And, I want to ask you, given his likelihood, some would call it an obsession, to jam this down the throats of the House and Senate and jam it down the throats of the American public does this become the political gift that keeps on giving? Is that where this is going to go?

Scott Brown: Well that’s up to the political pundits to decide but let me tell you, I would encourage all your viewers to call their Reps and Senators and say, “Listen, enough is enough. We do not want the political chicanery and the political backroom deals and the maneuvers, the parliamentary maneuvers to ram something through that is going to cost us trillions and hurt our seniors and hurt our coverages.” It’s just not the way we do business. We can do better. I’m challenging the president to do better.

Related… Scott Brown’s first legislative proposal is ‘Immediate Tax Relief Act for America’s Workers’ amendment.

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