Sarah Palin Slams Obama and Crazy Alan Grayson in Florida Speech

Sarah Palin marvels at meeting Angie Langley as she is welcomed to the stage at the Orange County Republican Executive Committee Lincoln Day Dinner, at the Rosen Shingle Creek, in Orlando, Friday. Langley is known for her web site lambasting democratic Rep. Alan Grayson. (Orlando Sentinel)

Sarah Palin blasted Obama, his fellow radicals in Washington DC and crazed democrat Alan Grayson in her talk tonight in Florida.
The Orlando Sentinel reported:

Sarah Palin lashed out at Washington, the media and condescending liberals Friday night at an Orlando Republican fund-raising event, and predicted the GOP would restore “common sense” to government in the upcoming November elections.

Palin said those notes she wrote on her hand at a National Tea Party event — where the media and White House later “busted me for using a poor-man’s teleprompter” — explained just what the country needed: a strong energy policy, tax cuts; and “lifting America’s spirits.”

“Americans get it,” Palin said. “In Washington, they don’t get it.”

The wildly popular, but equally polarizing former vice presidential candidate packed the Orange County Republican Party’s annual Lincoln Day fundraiser, attracting 1,300 fans to the Shingle Creek Resort. Orange GOP Chairman Lew Oliver said he expected the event to net the party more than $110,000.

Orlando was the latest stop in Palin’s high-mileage speaking tour. She spoke in Daytona Beach last month, headlined an Ohio Right to Life Society fundraiser last Friday, and landed in Calgary, Canada, the next day. Later this month, Palin will help raise re-election funds for U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., the man who plucked her from relative obscurity to be his running mate in the 2008 presidential race.

On Friday, Palin advocated drilling for oil and natural gas to gain energy independence but said nothing specifically about such exploration off Florida’s coast, a source of heated political dispute.

While advocating for standard GOP issues — lower taxes, less spending, more freedom and smaller government — Palin also singled out one Central Florida Democratic politician: U.S Rep. Alan Grayson of Orlando. Palin said voters need to remove the fiery millionaire lawyer in November.

“Do it for the rest of America,”
she said in a speech lasting about 40 minutes.

Amen. Get rid of that awful kook, Florida.


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