Rep. Baron Hill on His "Yes" Vote for Obamacare: "I Feel Like I Walked the Plank" (You Did)


US Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN) with his buddy, Barack. (WIBC)

What was your bribe, Representative?
Was it worth it?
Rep. Baron Hill walked the plank for Obamacare yesterday.
Bloomberg reported:

Obama is unlikely to find either Democratic or Republican willingness to work on issues of mutual concern.

“The president just has a limited ability to ask Democrats to cast any more tough votes going forward,” said Vin Weber, a Republican strategist and former congressman from Minnesota.

Said Representative Baron Hill, an Indiana Democrat, “I feel like I am walking the plank.”

“In the short term, it’s going to cost me,” Hill said. “It remains to be seen whether or not people will see the benefits that are in the bill 10 years out.”

Say your good-byes, Representative Hill.


Hill will be a good one to keep tabs on after the November election. Hopefully, the bribe was good enough to offset the time he’ll need to find a new job in this horrid Obama economy.

GOP Leader John Boehner has more on the Democratic hangover today.

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