Nutty Leftist Eric Holder: Osama Bin Laden Has the Same Rights as Charles Manson (Video)

Attorney General Eric Holder told a House Committee today that Osama Bin Laden deserves the same rights as Charles Manson.
Rep. John Culberson (R-TX) rips Obama’s radical Attorney General:

Fox News, via BreitbartTV: [Attorney General Eric Holder] said the “apt” comparison is to mass murderers like Charles Manson, who is currently serving a life sentence for orchestrating a killing spree in the 1960s. Trying to explain the analogy, Holder said mass murderers like Manson still reserve the right to go before a jury and have the charges against them proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

More… Holder also defended the FBI’s handling of Christmas Day undie bomber Omar Abdulmutallab:

“I’ve heard a lot said that he was only questioned for 50 minutes. That’s a fairly long period of time,” Holder said.

What’s scary is that this kook is serious.

Last week it was revealed that AG Holder failed to reveal 7 legal briefs during his confirmation proceedings.

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