Report: Married Dem Rep. Massa Sexually Harassed Male Staffer; Will Retire

Whoa. Here’s the latest news from the Pelosi Swamp…

Married Democratic Rep. Eric Massa reportedly sexually harassed a male staffer. He announced today that he will retire.
The Politico reported:

According to several House aides on both sides of the aisle, the House ethics committee has been informed of allegations that Massa, who is married with two children, sexually harassed a male staffer.

Massa told POLITICO early Wednesday afternoon that no one has brought allegations of misconduct to him.

Asked about the sexual harassment allegations, Massa said: “When someone makes a decision to leave Congress, everybody says everything. I have health issues. I’ll talk about it [later].”

Massa has suffered from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. On a conference call with reporters Wednesday afternoon, he said he was hospitalized in December and that his doctors made it clear to him that he can’t continue to “run at about 100 miles an hour.”

He denied that he was retiring because of a sexual harassment claim.

“Do I or have I ever used salty language when I’m angry, especially in the privacy of my inner office or even at home? Yes, I have, and I have apologized to those where it’s appropriate,” Massa said. “But those kinds of articles, unsubstantiated without fact or backing, are a symptom of what’s wrong with this city.”

It was a busy day in Swampland…

There was this… The New York State ethics commission accused Democratic Governor David Paterson of violating laws by accepting free World Series tickets.


And this… Democrook Charlie Rangel announced today that he would “temporarily” step down from his powerful post as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. The House ethics committee admonished Mr. Rangel last week for violating Congressional gift rules.

And, don’t forget this… The National Enquirer, America’s trusted paper of record, reported today that former Democratic Vice President Candidate John Edwards will be indicted.

The scum is floating to the top.

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