Obama to Nation After Dem's Vote to Nationalize Health Care: "This Is What Change Looks Like" (Video)

Barack Obama spoke to reporters after the democrats voted to nationalize the nation’s health care industry.
He told Americans: “This is what Change looks like.”

Spoken like a true socialist. Thank you, Comrade Barack.

So this is change?… Backroom deals, bribes, kickbacks, arm twisting, lies, more lies, bogus stats…?

Rick Moran summed up this change accurately, via Instapundit:


“This was rammed down the throats of the American people with as much cynicism, trickery, deliberate obfuscation, and budgetary tomfoolery as has ever been seen for a major piece of legislation in the history of the republic.”

More… Jules Crittenden has more on the historic sausage making.

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