Live-Blogging the Anti-Obamacare Blowout in St. Charles, MO– STANDING ROOM ONLY!

They were expecting 600…… 1,800+ SHOWED UP TODAY!
UPDATE:—- New Count— 2,225 TURNED OUT TODAY!!

An overflow crowd turned out today at 9:45 AM to attend the “Kill the Bill” rally today in St. Charles, MO

Republican Lt. Governor Peter Kinder told the fired up crowd– “We have just begun to fight!”

Blogger ReBoot Congress was at the event today.
** The Anti-Obamacare Health Care Rally at St. Charles Convention Center (map, directions, parking) is on.

Jamie Alman from 97.1 is emcee today at this “Kill the Bill” rally!


The Wednesday Rally called by Rep. Todd Akin & GOP House Leader John Boehner is the federal-healthcare equivalent of “The Gunfight at the OK Corral” for Missouri!

We need ALL HANDS ON DECK, and ALL BOOTS on the Ground!! If you can take time off work, if you can leave your children or elderly parent with a sitter (or bring them)…if you can at all make this rally – DO IT!

This may be it! Pelosi is trying to bring this to the floor for a vote in the coming days…and is strong-arming all the moderate dems into voting for Obamacare Socialized Medicine – and Federally Funded Abortion. In a “nuclear option” procedure that was never intended for major social mandates, Nancy & Harry…and Leader Obama – clearly intend to disenfranchise well over half of the American People!

This is despite the fact they themselves condemned this same procedure a mere few years ago!

These people are FIRED UP!
Several Missouri politicians spoke out against the Obamacare bill at this public rally. President Obama is locking the public out of his staged rally later today across town in St. Charles.

I posed with Peter Kinder and blogger Michelle Moore before the event started up this morning.

Local patriot Jay Stewart is in the house.

1,800+ showed up to watch a live video feed from Washington DC. Rep. Todd Akin, Rep. Shadegg and Rep. Pence spoke to the crowd. Mike Pence told the crowd, “I believe America will take back the Congress in 2010.” (The crowd went nuts)

Todd Akin told the crowd this was the worst bill he’s seen since he’s been in Congress. And, of course, the Republican representatives pointed out Pelosi’s stunning admission from yesterday’s speech.

Bob McCarty has more on the rally today.

And, StL Cyclist sent this in this photo:

The crowd was ready to bury Obamacare.

UPDATE: Here’s Jamie Allman closing out the rally with “God Bless America.”
It was a powerful moment:

Typical mobsters.

* * * * *

The Second Protest planned by the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition is planned for 5:30 on Wednesday night downtown in St. Louis across from the Renaissance Grand hotel. We are meeting at 5:00 PM on 9th and Delmar. WEAR BLACK!

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