Jesse Jackson Taunts Tea Party Protesters… Grabs At Their Signs (Video)

Jesse Jackson taunted tea party patriots yesterday outside the US Capitol. He even grabbed at their signs. The whole episode was filmed by his son, Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr.

And, of course, The Hill continued the state-run media lie that black representatives were assaulted and called n***er by tea party protesters on Saturday.
The Leftists will stop at nothing to destroy conservatives who stand in their way of absolute power over the American people.
Via Sweetness and Light:

Rev. Jesse Jackson confronted an angry crowd of approximately 200 Tea Party protesters outside the Capitol on Sunday evening while his son, Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (D-Ill.), filmed the encounter on his cell phone.

Jackson was visiting the Capitol to witness the expected passage of healthcare reform legislation, and he walked out of the building at 6:45 p.m. with his son. As he walked by a grassy knoll below the Speaker’s Lobby balcony, protesters were chanting anti-reform slogans and waving signs.

Jackson walked to the edge of a small stone wall and watched the crowd. Protesters recognized him moments later and, as if on cue, the whole crowd turned in unison away from the balcony and faced Jackson.

Rep. Jackson said he “relished” watching his father interact with the crowd. “He ran on platforms of healthcare reform during both of his presidential runs in 1984 and 1988,” he said, “so this is a monumental day for him.” As for why his dad chose to talk to the Tea Partiers, Jackson said he didn’t know, but that he was filming it all “for posterity.”

Jackson’s interaction was particularly tense given the assault on Saturday of two black congressmen by Tea Party protesters. Reps. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.) and John Lewis (D-Ga.) were spat at and called the N-word as they entered the Capitol.

And, the media the media will stop at nothing to prop up these socialist thugs.

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