Hurricane Katrina Victims to Sue Oil Companies

It was all a lie.
The Top Climate Scientist Admitted in February That Man-made Global Warming Was a Farce–

* The data for the vital ‘hockey stick graph’ had gone missing
* There had been no global warming since 1995
* Warming periods have happened before – but NOT due to man-made changes

And, statistical analysis of raw data shows that the claims that global hurricane activity has increased due to global warming cannot be supported.

But, that won’t stop Hurricane Katrina victims from suing oil companies for causing the storm. reported:


VICTIMS of Hurricane Katrina from Mississippi are seeking to sue carbon gas-emitting multinationals for helping fuel global warming and boosting the devastating 2005 storm, legal documents showed.

The class action suit brought by residents from southern Mississippi, which was ravaged by hurricane-force winds and driving rains, was first filed just weeks after the August 2005 storm hit.

“The plaintiffs allege that defendants’ operation of energy, fossil fuels, and chemical industries in the United States caused the emission of greenhouse gasses that contributed to global warming,” say the documents, seen by AFP.

The increase in global surface air and water temperatures “in turn caused a rise in sea levels and added to the ferocity of Hurricane Katrina, which combined to destroy the plaintiffs’ private property, as well as public property useful to them”.

Hat Tip Ken Solomon

Maybe their debit cards ran out?

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