House Dems: Obamacare Will Cost "Only" $940 Billion; Sunday Vote Planned

Democrats announced this morning that their plan to take over the nation’s health care industry will “only” cost the nation $940 billion over 10 years. This number will allow Democrats to push ahead with the transformation of the American economy. Democrats just announced this will allow them to vote on Sunday morning.

Will the last Democrat out of the smoke-filled backroom, please flush the toilet?

Democrats will do the unthinkable: They will expand coverage to millions of uninsured Americans and non-Americans while at the same time reducing the federal deficit…
And I have some beachfront property in Tucson for sale.

FOX News reported:


Democrats’ new health care reform bill is estimated to cost $940 billion over the next decade without adding to the deficit, sources told Fox News.

Sources said the estimates show the updated bill would save $130 billion over the first 10 years and save $1.2 trillion over the second decade.


The fate of the Democrats’ health care reform effort hinges on a report expected Thursday morning from the congressional budget scorekeepers — an estimate of what a follow-up bill could cost that already is running into trouble.

The Congressional Budget Office is set to release its estimate of the price tag for a so-called “side-car” package of changes to the overall health care reform bill that House Democrats insist on pursuing in exchange for approving, temporarily, the Senate-passed bill.

They want to consider the follow-up bill under “reconciliation” rules, which would allow the Senate to pass it with just 51 votes, instead of 60.

But there’s a problem: Some Democrats are jeopardizing that game plan by resisting the kind of sweeping tax needed in order to qualify for reconciliation rules.

In order to qualify, the CBO estimate must show that the bill saves at least $1 billion over five years and creates absolutely no deficit after that period of time. The Senate-passed bill includes a tax on high-value insurance plans to ensure the bill is paid for, but liberal Democrats and unions have long had issues with that tax — they wanted a straight tax on the wealthy in the original House bill.

Greta Van Susteren asks: Quit Lying?

I still do not understand HOW the health care bill cost (CBO estimate) can IGNORE the “doctor fix” in calculating the cost of health care reform – unless it is to simply an attempt to fool the American people and that simply is not right. The American people can face the truth, even the ugly truth – but we must first get it. It is the job of our politicians to play it straight, not to sleight of hand.

No matter what we do with health care, we will do the “doctor fix” which has been estimated at between $250-350 billion dollars. That is above and beyond the current CBO score. We must pay our doctors. That amount simply must be added to the total cost of health care. Is there any doubt doctors deliver health care and are part of our health care system?

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Of course it will.

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