Holder Lied… Attorney General Failed to Reveal 7 Legal Briefs During Confirmation

Another day… Another Obama scandal involving another Obama radical.
Attorney General Eric Holder failed to tell the US Senate about 7 legal briefs he signed during his nomination process.
Reuters reported:

Attorney General Eric Holder failed to tell the Senate about seven legal briefs he signed when lawmakers considered his nomination to his current job, according to a letter released on Friday.

Two of the briefs involved appeals to the Supreme Court for Jose Padilla
, who sought release from a military prison in South Carolina where he was being held after then-President George W. Bush designated him an “enemy combatant.”

Padilla was held in a military brig for three years before his case was moved to a criminal court in Miami, where he was convicted on charges of offering his services to militants.

The Justice Department sent the Senate Judiciary Committee, which vets presidential nominees, a list of briefs that were omitted on Friday. “We regret the omission,” Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich said in a letter to the panel.

Paul at Power Line added this:

Senator John Kyl is skeptical of Attorney General Eric Holder’s claim that forgetfulness explains his failure to inform the Senate of his role in a brief supporting the position of terrorist Jose Padilla. Kyl asks: “Are we expected to believe that then-nominee Holder, with only a handful of Supreme Court briefs to his name, forgot about his role in one of this country’s most publicized terrorism cases?”

It’s not an easy thing to believe. I still remember the handful of Supreme Court matters I worked on, peripherally, as a government lawyer in the 1970s.

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