HERO REPUBLICAN BUNNING Again Blocks Irresponsible Dem Spending …Update: KY Tea Party Backs Bunning

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At least there’s ONE REPUBLICAN who is willing to stand up to the out of control radicals in Washington DC…
Hero Senator Jim Bunning (R-KY) blocked the libs again today.

Bunning and Senator Harry “This War Is Lost” Reid traded attacks this morning:

“It is really hypocritical of the Democrats to argue for pay as you go, then to present a bill that is not only not paid for, not a little bit.”


NPR reported:

On the floor of the Senate, Republican Jim Bunning of Kentucky just defended the position he’s taken that has delayed an extension of jobless benefits for the nation’s unemployed and has forced the furlough of about 2,000 federal workers.

Saying that he has blocked votes on the legislation to underscore his opposition to the ongoing growth in federal debt, Bunning read a letter from “Robert in Louisville,” who told the senator that even though he hasn’t been working regularly in the past two years he supports what Bunning is doing.

“This country is sooner or later going to implode because of the massive amount of debt run up over the past 40 or 50 years,” Robert wrote, according to Bunning.

Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats tripled the national deficit in one year in 2009. They will almost certainly top that this year.

They want to spend more. But, today anyway, Senator Bunning won’t let them.

Michelle Malkin has nothing but praise for Senator Bunning.

UPDATE: The Louisville Tea Party came out today in support of Jim Bunning.

UPDATE 2: This comes from Melany K.:

The reason the Dems are so furious is that Bunning called their bluff. They could use money already appropriated, but not spent, like the stimulous, but that’s being held for use in buying votes this summer and fall. The Dems don’t want that money wasted on unemployment, etc. (otherwise known as a black hole).

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