GET READY TO RUMBLE… Greet Obama at Fairfax Code Red Rally Tomorrow …Update: Rally Saturday in DC

This May Be Our Last Chance to Send a Strong Message to the Radicals—-
There is a CODE RED Rally scheduled for tomorrow in Fairfax, Virginia.

Here’s the announcement:

THIS JUST IN! Barack Obama will be at The Patriot Center at George Mason University THIS FRIDAY March 19 to talk about Healthcare Reform. They are trying to shove this bill through Congress THIS WEEK and we need to let them know that we Americans DO NOT WANT THIS!

I hope that you will be able to join me and the Fairfax County Republican Committee as we protest this Healthcare Bill. We will be meeting at 8:00AM near the main entrance to the Patriot Center!

I have coordinated with GMU Campus Police, they have assured me that we will be allowed a location to peacefully demonstrate in the direct vicinity of the Patriot Center, but have asked that we be sure to remain clear of any entrances. There are no tickets or admission cost. Doors will open at 9AM and the event will start at 11:30AM.

Our mission is to be outside as a visual reminder that this bill is wildly unpopular. I encourage you all to bring home made signs that respectfully protest this bill.

If you can make it this is our best chance to persuade those so-called moderate democrats not to ram this unpopular socialist monstrosity on America.

UPDATE: There is a rally scheduled for Saturday at noon in Washington DC.

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